OnePlus Repairing Services

Accidents do happen to your OnePlus, it might be your first accident or maybe the unfortunate has happened before, you don’t stress. No matter how badly the screen, battery, housing, power button, volume button, etc may be damaged, it can be repaired with us. Sometimes the glass is broken or damaged other times touch is not reactive or perhaps no display at all on phone.

Some issues you may face with a broken or damaged phone screen are as follow:

  • any color spots on the screen
  • No display at all
  • Lines on the screen
  • Cracked glass
  • Cracked LCD screen 
  • NO touch means not interacting at all

All OnePlus repairs are done in our office. No need to panic just visit our office located at Thorsgade 2, Copenhagen N 2200, or make appointments or send your phone to us or just let us pick up your phone from your door and we will take care of your phone and repair it within minutes.

The skilled technician in our office has over 15 years of experience in repairing phones. Therefore, ITSMARTSOLUTIONS can promise that the most common repairs will take less than an hour. This includes broken screens, dead batteries, damaged housing  and water damage repair.

We offer 12 months warranty on all iPhone screens +++ A class replacements and a lifetime warranty for OEM quality screen replacement.

Repair Benefits with us

    • Walk-in service
    • Free Pickup & Deliver Service
    • Life time gurantee
    • Qualified technicians
    • Free Loan Phone
    • Over 15 years of experience
iPhone repair

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