At ITSMARTSOLUTIONS, we take the current situation very seriously and follow Govermnent all guidelines regarding COVID-19.

 So offer to pick up your damaged unit / device from your door, repair it and return it to you, at  same day!  We know the importantance of your device, ESP during this time of crisis!

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you at a time to pick up your damaged device. Remember ! ITSMARTSOLUTIONS tech will deliver it back at same day . The above offers apply only to Copenhagen and surrounding.

Order free pickup of your device below


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If you are facing problem with your mobile phone or computer and are unable to deliver it for repair at our in-store, you can send it to us by post, All you need to do is follow the steps illustrated and explained below;

  2. Order repair on our webpage
  3. write the time to pickup.
  4. write the specfic problem.
  5. Wrap the unit well and wait for the shipping note from us or we can pickup as well.
  6. Deliver the package to the nearest post office.
  7. We receive the unit and immediately begin the process. We will contact you if necessary.
  8. We will return your device after repaired.

What should I submit?

You do not need to submit anything other than the device we will be repairing.

How do I submit my device?

You can either submit it yourself or we can send you a shipping note or we can pickup.

How long does it take to repair my phone?

Normally, repair takes about 1-2 business days. If some parts need to be ordered, the wait can be a little longer.

Do I need to back up my information?

We always recommend backing up if you have important data. Normally no data is lost on the unit, but we do not take responsibility if it should happen. Alternatively, a backup of content can be made by us. If you want us to make a backup, please let us know. 

Do you need screen code?

Yes, we need screen code so we can be sure everything works before returning the device.

How much does repair cost you?

You can find repair prices either by searching on your mobile model or any device on our website, or you can contact us for more information. If your cell phone cannot be repaired, 

How much does shipping cost?

FREE, We will send you a shipping note and return it after repair.

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