Get a good offer for repairing phones and Computers at your workplace.

We continuously repair telephones and computers at many small, medium, and large companies in Denmark and Sweden. We can also repair the devices for your employees at a very good price.


1. Fill out the form and make an offer.
2. An Agreement will be made on unit repair and service price.
3. We will visit your workplace with the repair tool.
4. The units are repaired on-site in a short time.

Be contacted with a Business offer for repair & Services


IT Support

We provide both Onsite as well as Ticket based support throughout Denmark.

Our Services includes:

  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues with software or hardware.
  • Windows installation & upgrades
  • OSX installation & upgradesIOS installation
  • Andriod installation & upgrades
  • Device MDM installation
  • Data recovery
  • Software deployment
  • System hardware/software upgrades
  • Break/fix Services
  • Network/Wifi/Printer installation and troubleshooting
  • IP phone setup/installation
  • Hands and eyes remote support
  • Multimedia setup ( Display installation & TV setup )
  • Security camera installation & troubleshooting

Our Qualification & Exp;

We are qualified team and more than 15 years experience in IT field.

Qualifications is as followed:

  • MSc Computer Science
  • MSc Electrical Engineering
  • Msc Software Engeering
  • MSc Network Security

Experiences is as followed:

  • 15 years experience in smartphone & Pc repair 
  • 15 years experience on onsite 
  • 10 years of web development and software development
  • 10 years experience in Network design, telecommunication, and security
  • 10 years experience installing multimedia 
  • 10 years experience installing office/home security camera