What we can repair

 We repair each unit within 30 minutes ! 

Touch glass replacement

395 kr

LCD replacement

495 kr

Charging port replacement

295 kr

Battery replacement

595 kr

Speaker replacement

295 kr

Microphone replacement

295 kr

Camera replacement

290 kr

IOS installation

195 kr

What accessories available

with us at store.


Lighting Charger 2M

150 kr

Lighting Cable 2A

100 kr


150 kr

Temper glass

100 kr

Glass Protector (NaNo)

200 kr

HDMI cable

300 kr


200 kr


300 kr


iPad 4.generation Reparation

Have you smashed your iPad 4. generation screen or is it faulty? Bring your Pad back to life with a quality screen repair. Get your damaged unit for repaired at ITSMARTSOLUTIONS .  For 15+ years, we have repaired and replaced components in hundreds of iPads and tablets. The vast majority of our iPad repairs are done within 30 minutes. Get that new iPad or tab feeling again!